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BC May Experience One Of The Stormier Spring Seasons In Years

BC spring weather

Photo: The Weather Network

The long term forecast for British Columbia has been released, and we’re in for a wet and stormy season.

The good news is that a wetter spring reduces our likelihood of extreme forest fires in the Summer. The bad news is that it is going to rain more than average across B.C. spring this season, and winter is far from over across Canada.

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B.C. spring weather
Photo: Accuweather

BC Spring Weather

The West Coast should expect above average levels of rain as well as above average snow levels on the mountains. 

While this might sound bad for British Columbians living in floodplains, there are no flood warnings at this time as milder weather has reduced snowpack in crucial areas. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other parts of Canada including Winnipeg. 

B.C. Spring weather is often all over the place, and bouts of warm weather are expected along with bouts of winter like weather. 

During March, Vancouver typically has high temperatures within a few degrees of 10° C, before eventually rising to around 15° C by the middle of May.

Farther to the north and east in Prince George, average temperatures steadily climb during March, from near 0° C at the start of the month to 7° C by the end. Toward the end of May, the city’s high temperature is usually in the upper 20s.

All of Canada is predicted to be colder and wetter than usual, especially the west but excluding the Prairies.

Continued and extreme drought is predicted for Alberta, Saskatchewan and western Manitoba.

B.C. spring weather
Photo: Accuweather


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