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BC May Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Spas and Restaurants

license recreational marijuana

Gone are the days of medically justifying one’s cannabis use. The provincial government might expand the scope of legal weed consumption and license recreational marijuana for sale in restaurants, lounges and even spas.

That is, if it’s what the public wants.

BC is soliciting the public’s opinions on a range of suggested venues that would offer edible or topical marijuana as part of their service

Currently only retailers are allowed to sell marijuana for recreational purposes and it is not to be consumed on site. 

What the survey wants to know is whether British Columbians want edible weed products for sale at restaurants where liquor is also sold, special events and cannabis lounges. 

When Canada legalized cannabis, it did so on the premise that it would reduce crime and protect kids, and it turned out to be a source of tax revenue and jobs.

Allowing for its consumption in several new settings would be a boon for the industry and marijuana related crime amongst youth has decreased.

Some are critical of the legal marijuana system, and distributors who choose not to become licensed are still at odds with authorities. Many lamented the raid of the Blue Door dispensary in the Downtown Eastside, which offered low cost marijuana to customers but was not licensed.

In the interim period, when Canada had legalized weed but cities did not yet allow for legal sale, many dispensaries had you fill out a form citing your medical reasons for requiring a prescription for weed. Now the government wants to know if you want an edible infused beverage at a festival.

Residents have until May 9 to fill out the survey.


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