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$70 Million Alex Fraser Bridge Project Will Reduce Rush Hour Commute By 15 Min

Alex Fraser Bridge

Photo: Reg Natarajan / Flickr

The Alex Fraser Bridge sees an immense amount of traffic every day. In addition, it has more collisions than anywhere else in the City of Delta.

With that being said, the recent proposal to add a seventh lane to the bridge isn’t favoured by all. Indeed, something needs to be done, but not everyone thinks that shrinking existing lanes is a safe or foolproof plan.


“Tens of thousands of commuters will soon have some relief from congestion and will spend less time in traffic, thanks to a new moveable barrier system that will be installed on the Alex Fraser Bridge in fall 2018,” states a release from the province.

In total, the government says commuters can expect to save approximately 15 minutes on their commute. Whether this is realistic has yet to be determined, and there has been a mixed reaction to the decision.


Is The Alex Fraser Bridge Project A Good Idea?

The ministry will be replacing the existing concrete barrier on the bridge with a moveable barrier. The barrier may then be moved to accommodate peak traffic periods with the help of a machine known as a “road zipper”.

A similar system has been used on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge since 2015; however, this system isn’t totally foolproof. If there are issues with the road zipper that could slow the traffic down.

It is anticipated that the counter-flow lane would be in place for similar hours to George Massey Tunnel counter-flow lane (5:45 to 9:15 a.m. from September to June and 5:45 to 8:45 a.m. in July and August).

Do you think the project is a good idea? Do you think there is a more viable option? 

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