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Air Canada Hopes To Re-launch International Travel By Christmas

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Photo: Air Canada / Facebook

While travel plans may be up in the air right now, an Air Canada vice president said he hopes the company will be back in business by winter.

“I think by Christmas you will see a significant amount of flying again,” said Tim Strauss, vice president of cargo at Air Canada, according to CBC. “We’ll be flying to most places around the world and certainly domestically.”

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The concern right now, is creating new procedures to ensure it’s safe enough to fly by then. That may mean fewer flights with more connections, said Strauss during a meeting, Wednesday.

However, the airline may not operate to even 70% of its usual capacity and there would be fewer flights to choose from.

“I think a lot of that will depend on whether there is a vaccine or not, or a medicine that counters the virus,” said Strauss.

Other airlines are looking at boosting its cleaning procedures, without delaying the time between flights.

The tourism industry has faced a major setback during the pandemic, which had resulted in Air Canada originally laying off more than 5,000 people.

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