Police Enforce Quarantine Orders By Visiting Travellers Who Recently Landed In B.C.

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B.C. police are taking quarantine rules very seriously, as they have been visiting travellers to ensure they follow protocols.

This comes after the premier announced travellers returning to B.C. must have a written quarantine plan. So, the government has since made 8,900 calls to ensure people followed those plans.

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But 500 of them hadn’t responded, so local police set out to find them and ensure the people were self-isolating where they said they would be.

“I think maybe there was a sense of, this is not that serious, and then when they see an officer show up, they realize how serious it is,” North Delta MLA Ravi Kahlon told CTV News. “We’ve seen overwhelming co-operation after they’ve been visited by a local police officer.”

Kahlon was tasked with overseeing measures, taken to ensure travellers self-isolate.

From the number of recent travellers, the government is paying to feed and house 96 of those, who didn’t have adequate quarantine plans.

Kahlon added that 26 travellers had COVID-19 symptoms and are being tested.

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