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Air Advisory From Wildfire Smoke Lifted For Greater Vancouver Area

Smoke Advisory

Photo: PreparedBC / Flickr

The 24 hour air advisory for the residents of Greater Vancouver was lifted on July 19th in response to recent improvements in air quality.

While there are still harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, the Government of Canada has taken down the warning on their website.

The pollution was especially concerning for the elderly and infants. People with pre-existing conditions, especially respiratory ones, were also at greater risk. The government had encouraged people to dial down their rigorous workout regimens and take precautions if they felt out of breath.


Air Advisory and the State of Emergency

John Horgan’s first act as premier on July 19th was to declare an extended state of emergency. The state will continue for the next two weeks in response to the severity of the wildfires.

So far over 45,000 people are displaced as a result of the catastrophe.

A group of 48 firefighters flew from Australia over to British Columbia in order to help combat the raging fires.

Horgan regrets having to extend the state of emergency and told reporters that, “This is unprecedented.”

The current state of emergency expires on Friday and then the new one will come into effect.

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