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Passengers Flying From YVR Into The US Will Face Longer Waits


Photo: Wikipedia Commons

As of July 19th Canadians flying into the United States will face much stricter security screening protocol.

Both Air Canada and Westjet Airlines have advised passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to their scheduled departure; however, this may still not be adequate time for all the new security stipulations imposed.

Any passengers carrying a device larger than a smartphone, such as a tablet or a laptop, should be prepared to remove any casing or covering upon request. This enhanced screening could take quite a bit of time depending on the devices involved and the passenger traffic.


In addition to Canada, the enhanced screening measures for passengers entering the United States will apply to 280 airports worldwide. These measures make use of advanced technology, pre-clearance locations and even involve canine screening.

Department of Homeland Security on Flying

A release made by the Department of Homeland Security stated that, “Terrorist groups continue to target passenger aircraft, and we have seen a ‘spider web’ of threats to commercial aviation as terrorists pursue new attack methods.”

Stay updated with the DHS in case of any additional updates. There may be more stringent screening protocols introduced that could result in potentially longer waits.

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