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A Look Back At Some Of The Largest And Most Famous Ships Built In B.C.

1. The icebreaker ship Henry Larsen being launched January 3, 1987.

2. An archive photo of St. Roch pulling away from the dock in Halifax harbour, and heading out for the return trip through the North West Passage to Vancouver, in 1944. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Maritime Museum

3. The 366 foot H.M.C.S. Fraser being launched in Vancouver from Burrard Dry Docks in 1953.

4.At the time of her construction (1993) The Spirit of British Columbia was the largest ship ever built in BC. Her overall length was 167.5 metres and her weight approximately 18,000 tons.

5. A 1928 photo of the RCMP arctic patrol ship St. Roch.

6. HMCS Columbia shown in a 1969 photo is a decommissioned destroyer escort naval vessel. The ship was sunk and made into an artificial recreational diving reef near Campbell River.

7. A 1964 photo of the H.M.C.S. Fraser, built at Burrard Dry Docks and completed at Yarrows. The ship was launched from Yarrows on June 28 1957. Tonnage 2236 DP. Length 366 feet.

8.Canadian Coast Guard ship Pierre Radisson under construction at Burrard Dry Dock in North Vancouver in May 1977.

9.Canadian Coast Guard ship Pierre Radisson shown in May 1978

10.The icebreaker ship Martha Black, built by Versatile Shipyards for the Canadian Coast Guard for $56 million, is launched in August 1985.

11. A 1957 photo of HMCS. Skeena. At that time, Skeena was the largest warship built on the Canadian Pacific. Commissioned at Burrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd. March 3 1957. Tonnage 2236 DP

12. A 1958 photo of the HMCS. Skeena, a St. Laurent Class destroyer escort.

13. HMCS Columbia, the latest project for the Artificial Reef Society of B.C., was sunk at Campbell River in 1996. The ship is a sister to the HMCS Mackenzie and HMCS Chaudière, which were already artificial reefs near Sidney and Sechelt

14. The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, the CCGS Terry Fox, makes its way through an ice field toward Sable Island on March 8, 2004.

15, As Operation Lancaster wraps up with most personnel ashore in Pond Inlet on Baffin Island, HMCS Goose Bay and the Coast Guard ship Henry Larson rest at anchor. Operation Lancaster is the major sovereignty operation being conducted in the Eastern Arctic during the summer of 2006. The operation is part of a broader initiative to increase the presence of the Canadian Forces in the Arctic.

16. The HMCS Kootenay lies at anchor off Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

17. BC Ferries Queen of Coquitlam shown on Dec. 11, 2003 leaving Horseshoe Bay.

18. The Queen of Surrey arrives at Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in Dec. 2003.

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