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8 Places Near UBC To Visit And Ease Exam Stress

8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

Last week we shared the best study spaces at UBC. This week, we thought we’d switch things up and create a list of places to visit near UBC, where you can find peace, quiet and help you ease that exam stress!

Without further adieu, below are 8 places near UBC to visit during your study breaks!

8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

Spanish Banks  

Going on walks helps you to relax, and studies have shown that walking is great for when you have a headache.  It may be a little chilly to really spend a day at the beach right now, but if you really need to take a long walk to take your mind off things, why not head to Spanish Banks?


8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden on campus is the perfect place to admire the scenery surrounding UBC, and great for when you just need to clear your mind.

8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

Botanical Gardens

If you don’t want to head too far off campus, or just fancy going for a stroll, head to the UBC Botanical Gardens. It’s quiet, and you can really feel how fresh the air is there.  The Canopy Walk is closed this time of year, but it’s still worth a visit, if you like peace and quiet.  (Image via UBC)

8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Keeping fit is one way to battle exam stress! Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a beautiful place to run or jog in. (Image via vancouvertrails.com)

8 Places To Study At UBC And Ease Exam Stress

Jason’s No Frills

2083 Alma Street, V6R496

Another way to ease exam stress is to eat healthy, or just eat. I snack the most during the exam period. No Frills is a good place near campus to get cheap groceries (or just study snacks!) from.  Their pricing is a lot lower compared to the stores around the UBC area.


Joti’s No Frills
310 West Broadway, V5Y1R2

This No Frills is bigger than the one on West 4th. It’s a little further away from campus, but I head there when I have time to get my groceries because there’s a wider variety.  It’s also conveniently located on the 99 route!

Mini Super  

5728 University Blvd, V6T1K6

This place is great if you want to get Asian snacks and instant noodles. It’s not very pocket-friendly but think of all the sugary goodness you’ll find there! It’s a convenient place to get your sugar rush because it’s on campus.


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Written by: Sarah C

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