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70 Motorcycles Drive Over Man Lying On Nails In Vancouver

70 Motorcycle Drive Over Man Lying On Nails In Vancouver

If you thought your morning started off to a painful start, think again. The Monsters of Schlock, often referred to as Canada’s most outrageous daredevils, have once again broken a Guinness World Record in true, painful fashion.

At approximately 11:22am on Monday, October 26, the daredevils took their tolerance for pain to new depths by having Burnaby W. Orbax lay back on a bed of nails while watching 70 motorcycles drive over him in two minutes.

While Orbax’s body did show it was uncomfortable at times, he was quick to get to his feet and say “Ow, I think I need a drink and a slice of pizza now”.

The statement may or may have not been a shot at Simone Calati from Italy, who previously held the record until 11:22am.

This recent stunt and successful Guinness World Record attempt adds to the many The Monsters of Schlock have completed in Vancouver over the years. From 2009 to 2015, the duo group has had mousetraps released on their tongue, pulled trucks 111.7 metres with meat hooks on their back, and even weightlifting using hooks attached to their face.

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