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5 Things Vancouver Appliance Experts Wish You Knew

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Getting new appliances is typically a fun and exciting moment. There is a grand allure of updating your home with the latest technology to do all the things you need.

While today’s appliances are very ‘smart’, they often require a skilled expert to diagnose potential problems when something isn’t functioning correctly.

In fact, when issues arise, 53% of smart appliance owners don’t always know how to fix or correct the problem themselves.

However not all issues require a service call and the expense that comes with it.

Local experts at Handy Appliances helped us break down common problems and how to solve them to save everyone time and money.

Appliance Experts Advice

Dryer Venting Issues

appliance expertsOne of the most common complaints is that the “dryer is taking too long to dry.”

Believe it or not, but most of the time this has nothing to do with the dryer at all. Most often the venting for the dryer is either too long or it’s clogged with lint – something quite common in strata complexes.

So before calling in the experts, you, or strata, can save some money by just cleaning out the vent or ducts.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then call in a technician.

Appliance Replacement That Requires an Installer

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Photo: Handy Appliances

After purchasing a new appliance, many customers are led to believe that they have to call and hire different people for different things. It’s not uncommon for clients to purchase an appliance from one company and then find a third-party installer or even get after service from a 1-800-manufacturer.

This is an unnecessary run around and a waste of time for all customers. You can avoid this by simply ensuring your appliance provider also offers post-purchase services.

Refrigerator Burnout

There are a number of simple actions that can lead to your refrigerator malfunctioning. Knowing them can save you from panicking and spoiling food.

Some of the common reasons a refrigerator may suddenly stop working optimally include: the door is left open frequently, the condenser coils need cleaning, the cold control is set too cold, or something is blocking the flow of cold air inside the fridge.

Igniters on a Gas Stove

If the igniter on your gas stove suddenly clicks but doesn’t light, there are a couple things you may want to check and can fix rather easily.

Check to make sure your burner cap is in place and properly fitted. If the cap looks fine, then it may mean that your igniter is dirty. To clean, remove the burner cap and wipe away any debris.

If you’ve tried these solutions and still can’t get the ignition going, it’s worth contacting appliance experts to further investigate.

The Wobbling Washing Machine

appliance expertsThis phenomenon is all too familiar when the washing machine “starts dancing”. A wobbling washing machine can be loud and will fail to clean your clothes properly.

To level a washing machine, sometimes it’s as simple as opening the lid and ensuring that the washer drum is balanced by dispersing the clothes evenly and recentering the inner drum.

The next step is to rotate the legs of the washing machine or lower each corner until it’s straightened out.

If the problem persists however, don’t continue to run the machine.

Know When To Call Appliance Experts

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Photo: Handy Appliances

No matter what the issue, calling a skilled technician that will get to you in time, has parts readily available, and is factory trained will alleviate your appliance woes.

Handy Appliances is one of the only places in the lower mainland that serves as a one stop shop for appliances. Clients can receive expert advice from a team of technicians that can sell, deliver and set-up everything for you in one go.

Servicing the Fraser Valley through to the Sea to Sky corridor, you can view their showroom in Vancouver or Squamish the next time you’re in the market for an appliance.


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