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5 Reasons To Visit Emerald Lake, BC

emerald lake

Photo: Richard_Carter / Flickr

In case your Instagram feed has been lacking lately, or you simply just want to experience more of beautiful British Columbia, Emerald Lake is a place that will not only spice up your social media game but it will also be a beautiful memory to cherish.

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Although the pictures do most of the convincing, here’s 5 key reasons why you should visit Emerald Lake.

1. The lake is located in Yoho National Park, and is the largest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and ponds. So whether you want to take in the view or go for a swim, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking backdrop and a “majestic” dip in the clear waters.

emerald-lake-restaurantvia imagea.org

2. For food lovers worried about not being able to find a decent bite, rest assured, the lodge on the edge of the lake is also home to a refined restaurant that serves regional cuisine and a seasonal bistro. The stately lounge features a stone fireplace in addition to an oak bar from a 1890s saloon.

3. For those looking for a romantic destination among the trees and close to nature, Emerald Lake is perfect. Sitting on the edge of the lake is Emerald Lake Lodge which provides a perfect getaway for a romantic trip or family fun. The lodge features posh rooms and suites with private bathrooms and glam private balconies with lake views, wood-burning fireplaces and coffeemakers, plus sitting areas. Amenities for the lodge range from dining areas with fridges to whirlpool tubs.


4. The water is a beautiful green colour hence the lakes’ “Emerald” name. As a result, the lake among BC’s Rocky Mountains is one of the Yoho National Park’s most popular tourist destinations. The lake also provides some hiking fun with a 5.2 km hiking trail that circuits the body of water.

canoe-emerald-lakevia BugMan50

5. BC is notorious for short summers, so it’s not surprising if that panic of summer’s almost over as begun to kick in. Not to worry however, this destination can be fun all year around. In the summer months the lake is a popular canoeing destination and even offers rentals. In the winter months the lake freezes over with snow, making it a great cross country ski wonderland.


Written by Luisa Alvarez

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