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5 Places To Get Avocado Toast In Vancouver

There’s nothing better than avocado on toast. Whether it’s sliced or smashed, left plain or piled high with other toppings—it is the perfect treat, and it’s healthy.

These are some of the top places in Vancouver that serve up a mean avocado toast—check them out and be sure to bring your appetite!

Avocado Toast In Vancouver


Nelson The Seagull

Enjoy sliced avocado on sourdough bread—a classic! Mix it up by adding a poached egg for a punch of flavour. Located at 315 Carrall Street.



Tractor Foods

The popular cafeteria-style joint offers avocado toast as part of their breakfast menu at their downtown location. This simple treat will help start your day off right. Located at 335 Burrard Street.



Heirloom Vegetarian

They offer a fancy take on avocado toast that is seasoned with Himalayan pink salt and dukkah spice. It’s topped with cucumber, radish, sprouts and fresh mint—all served on grilled multigrain toast. Located at 1509 West 12th Avenue.



Medina Café

One of Vancouver’s gems—this café serves up traditional avocado toast with a twist. Grilled focaccia, avocado, olive oil and tomato salsa. You can also add a poached egg to top it off. Located at 780 Richards Street.



33 Acres Brewery

Another great spot for some delicious smashed avocado on sourdough bread toasted to perfection. Located at 15 West 8th Avenue.

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