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10 Signs You Grew Up In Richmond, British Columbia

Richmond, a city that has gone through so much rapid change in the past few years, looks completely different for many of us who grew up in Richmond, and can remember the times where number 3 road was not the most traffic congested road, or that there was never a Canada Line and you had to take the ever infamous 99 B-Line to get to downtown. Any ways here is a list of 10 signs that you grew up in Richmond British Columbia.

10 Signs you Grew up in Richmond, BC


1. General Currie Elementary School being just 1 floor

Way before General Currie Elementary School expanded to its current size, it was just a small school with 1 floor, and in fact all the kindergarten classes were held in a separate building called The Heritage Building. The school eventually decided to start construction and expand the building due to the increase in population, and during the renovations I myself remember vividly having to have classes in portables…..oh the good old days. If you drive by today you will see the Heritage Building being used for Adult ESL classes. (Image via obeo.com)


2. The Dolphin Park Classic Being Held at Dolphin Park

In recent years The Dolphin Park Classic has been held at Thompson Community Park to accommodate a much more popular, bigger tournament that continues to grow every year but there was a time where it was held in its traditional home at Dolphin Park. Numerous celeb sightings also took place as NBA players Jamal Crawford and 2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash visited a few years adding to the reputation and reach of the annual summer basketball tournament that brings out some of the 604’s best basketball players.

3. Steveston-London were two separate schools

Many of us have heard and seen Steveston-London Secondary school today which is located on 6600 Williams Road, but yes there was a time where Steveston London was 2 separate schools. Steveston Secondary was opened in 1956 originally for students from the Steveston fishing village in southwestern Richmond. Initially, it was a junior high school teaching grades 7-9, then became a combined junior-secondary school, and then it became a Senior Secondary with only Grades 11 and 12. In 1996, it was expanded back again to include the full grades 8-12. Charles E. London secondary school was a former public high school in Richmond, British Columbia. Due to declining enrollment in both schools, London Secondary school and the neighboring Steveston Secondary School were merged to form Steveston-London Secondary School (SLSS) in 2008 (on the site of the former London Secondary).

Richmond B.C. Is Home To Canada's First McDonalds Restaurant

4. Birthday Parties at McDonalds on Number 3 Road

This is sure a golden memory for many of you who grew up in Richmond where when you were young the chic place to have your birthday was always McDonald’s on 3 road. That iconic playground with the slide, and giant pit full of bouncy balls has unfortunately been taken down if you were to visit today. Instead today McDonald’s is the new hang out place for mostly Richmond High students and young teens. (Image via City of Richmond)

5. You Watched movies at the Richmond Centre Theatres.

After a long day of shopping, what better way to relax than to watch a movie with a couple of friends at the Richmond Centre Famous Players theatre. If you are to visit the the mall today you will see that the food court has moved upstairs where the theatres used to be, and now on the bottom level they have expanded to add more retail stores. Now the only place you can watch movies today in Richmond is at Riverport Famous Players.


6. Before Best Buy there was Safeway

Yes before Best Buy and Future Shop were duking it out as to who owned Lansdowne Centre, Safeway called it home. For years it was a prime location for people to do their grocery shopping during the week. Today you will find Safeway in the Blundell Shopping Centre located on Number 2 road and Blundell. (Image via mehallo)


7. The Richmond Colts were the undisputed champs of Richmond…..for a bit

When you talked about basketball in Richmond the Richmond Colts immediately came to mind as they were the top team in Richmond and went deep into many provincial tournaments. Led by star player Pasha Bains and legendary head coach Bill Disbrow, the Colts assembled a strong team for many years. Fast forward to the past decade or so and much as changed as the R.C. Palmer Griffins led by legendary head coach Paul Eberhardt have won 8 straight city championships which surpasses coach Disbrow’s record of 7 straight. Palmer also won the 2011 AAA provincial championship tournament beating coach Disbrows Vancouver College Fighting Irish in a thrilling 71-63 victory. (Image via Angus Reid)


8. You had screamers in the summer

What is better than a slurpee? I know! A screamer! Found at Danny’s market, these summer time drinks were basically a slurpee with ice cream, and every neighbourhood kid could be seen drinking one of these every single day during the summer. Today, convenient stores such as Mac’s also have screamers offered, but remember it all started at Danny’s market. (Image via eatinginvancouver)


9. Heading down to Steveston for Pajo’s

An iconic Fish N Chips spot for decades, Pajo’s Fish N Chips offers 2 locations in Steveston Village, and simply put your summer would not have been complete without at least coming down to Pajo’s once. Its a great place to grab a bite to eat, enjoy the beautiful sunset in Steveston Village and walk pet’s while enjoying some Stevestons finest seafood. (Image via Pajos)


10. You always complained about the terrible driving

Yeah I got to admit the drivers in Richmond are pretty bad, and especially near number 3 road the streets can become absolute mayhem. Richmond driver’s have such a terrible reputation of bad parking and driving that Facebook and Twitter pages have been created to exhibit some of the worst driving and parking scenarios occurring almost on a daily basis. Who remembers the car that slammed through the 711 just this past summer? Oh well…..

Written by: Hamed Amiri

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