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10 Fall Fashion Trends to Try In Vancouver


10 Fall Fashion Trends to Try

New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close, but here in Vancouver, we’re just getting started. Vancouver Fashion Week is on from September 16th to 21st. At a loss for what to wear? Here are our top 10 trends to try this Fall.

1) Leather

From classic leather jackets, to leather skirts, shirts and dresses, this trend is everywhere this fall. Leather is a staple in our wardrobes all year round with bags and shoes, but this year it’s all about unusual leather pieces. Mix textures like pairing leather pants with a knit sweater, or a leather skirt with a cute sweatshirt for something unexpected. Leather details can make an outfit look more casual and cool, like a jacket with leather sleeves. It’s a dramatic look that can make you feel like a rock star, so get creative. Bonus points for trying leather in one of this seasons hottest colours, ox blood.

2) Cobalt Blue

Fall rolls around, the days get darker, and it seems impossible to wear bright colours. But this rich and intense shade of blue is going to be all over. It makes a bold statement without being to overwhelming, like red. It’s unexpected and bright but sophisticated. Not sure you can pull it off? It’s easy to work into your wardrobe with something like a statement necklace or earrings. This vibrant colour works surprisingly well with other colours, like gold or teal. Rich textures, like a knit sweater, will make it feel less summery.

3) Byzantium Glamour

Opulence, decadence and luxury. This trend is inspired by the Byzantine Empire, which was known for it’s beautiful and complex mosaics, many of which liberally use gold. This look is about using lots of rich fabrics like velvet or brocade prints, paring them with dramatic tailoring and over sized jewelry. It’s all about the detail and more is more. Start slow, try a bold necklace with a streamlined outfit. Most embellishments tend to look classier on something black or white, but this season try gold or rich, deep reds. Who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle on a rainy day here?

4) Neutral Monochrome

Pretty much the opposite of the last trend, monochrome outfits are elegant and never go out of style. Think Calvin Klein in the nineties. The key here it to pick sleek silhouettes. Wearing one colour from head to toe can seem boring, but here are a few tips. Pick a base colour like creamy off white, dove grey or black. Mix and match your textures and fabrics, like a chiffon skirt and a knit sweater. Adding delicate jewelry and simple jewelry can help elevate the look for a subtle and sophisticated sexy.

5) Mid-Century Inspiration

It’s the ultimate lady like look. The timeless and classic combo of a skirt and a sweater. Sweaters are ranging from fitted, thin knits to oversized fisherman’s sweaters. Try a chunk knit over a floaty fabric, or a form fitting sweater and a wool pencil skirt. It’s flattering and feminine. It’s a look you can really play with and go very modern or sweet, and retro. Try belting a cardigan at the waist for a 40‘s inspired look. This can also be the perfect time to try the monochromatic look out.

6) Florals

Florals are here to stay. Though they’re traditionally a Spring/Summer look, you’re going to see florals on the runway. Update the look for Fall by going for dark and broody florals. The delicate nature of flowers stands out beautifully against the heaviness of Fall and Winter materials. Floral accessories are a great way to transition from Summer to Fall.

7) Neons

Bummed Summer’s over because you have to say good-bye to neon? Think again. Bright neons are still cool for cool weather. You can update the look but trying to find pieces that incorporate folksy patterns. Detailed embroidery, or bright patterns can elevate your look. Pairing a bright, chunky necklace with a button up shirt is a fun way to start wearing more Fall fashion but don’t worry, you don’t have to say good-bye to summer yet.

8) Menswear

Suits are cool. Wear them with a pair of pumps or a sparkly necklace to give it an unexpected feminine twist. Or try a patterned approach, wear a blazer and a pant with a modern print. Or try a tapered trouser, something that’s relaxed at the hip, but slims down and is cropped at the ankle. It’s a modern fit, an easy comfortable shape. Menswear is also the perfect opportunity to try and work in some rich colour, like maybe, I don’t know, cobalt blue?

9) Classic Prints

Fall is a great time of year because we all get to dress like we’re going back to school, whether we are or not. Pay homage to your favourite professor with classic prints like houndstooth, plaid, tweed. These patterns can seem a little prim, so mix it up with something leather, or try an unexpected shape. They are also totally work appropriate and you can pretend you’re British, which is always a plus.

10) Statement Outerwear

I’d say 90% of Vancouver owns a fall or winter coat in black, or grey. Maybe navy. Maybe. True, they’re versatile colour, they go with everything, and it’s hard to image wearing anything but grey out into the grey world. But be that splash of colour. A vibrant jacket makes whatever your wearing feel instantly more special. It’s exciting all on its own. Go bright. Be vivid. You’re probably going to be wearing your very chic monochrome outfit underneath anyway, so make a statement when you walk in the door. It’ll lift your mood every time you put it on.

Written by: Courtney Christensen
Photo credit: streetscout.me

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