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Hiring: Wildlife Lover Not Afraid of Wolves. Job Title: “Poop Fairy.”

BC Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Poop Fairy

Photo: Michael Mazzone

If you’re seeking a job doing something a little different, why not apply to be a Poop Fairy for a wolf conservation project?

The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is hiring someone to help monitor B.C. wolves, in a new project.

“It’s a great way to get outside and learn more about natural history while contributing to coexistence with wolves and a larger understanding collectively,” resource management officer with the Park Reserve, Todd Windle, told the Westerly News.

A poop fairy will learn tracking techniques as well as how to identify wolf feces and differentiate it from other predators’ droppings. They will also use GPS devices to map out where the droppings are found.

The position is part of the park’s Wild About Wolves project to help increase co-existence between animals and humans.


This is a volunteer position and requires poop fairies to work at least once a month, but it’s not likely they’ll find much in the beginning.

It takes a trained eye to spot the droppings, said Windle.

He also mentioned that findings won’t be nearly as bad as what you may see as a dog owner.

“Wild carnivore scat is actually less smelly and less disgusting than processed dog food for sure,” he said.

Once the feces are collected, they will be taken to a lab for research. Through this, researchers can discover things like diet and health. They can also compare DNA to find out how wolves in each pack are related to each other as well as with other packs.

But Windle understands that this kind of work may not be for everyone.

“I think, for the people that are going to be interested in it, they’re going to be really interested in it, as weird as that sounds,” he said. “And then, for other people it’s clearly going to just not be their cup of tea.”

Do you love wildlife enough to try out this position? If so, email [email protected] for more information.

If, however, “Poop Fairy” isn’t the job for you, perhaps “Master of Destruction” is more for you.

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