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$77M Worth of Cannabis Is About To Be Destroyed. The Question Is How.

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As it turns out, destroying cannabis is a part of working for Cannabis producer CannTrust and it often involves kitty litter.

The question of how to destroy $77 million worth of marijuana came about after CannTrust’s license was partially suspended. The Ontario-based company was growing cannabis in unlicensed areas of its facility, Health Canada discovered last month.

Now, they must destroy it all, amounting to thousands of kilos. But the question is: how will it be done?

“They’re not going to put it in a big pile outside the building and spark it up — that’s for sure,” cannabis lawyer Trina Fraser said to Vancouver Sun.


The Process of Destroying Cannabis

It can’t just be lit up, because it has to be destroyed to the point where its unsalvageable, she explained. One way to do that is by mixing it with water and cat litter to help break it down and mask the odour before composting it.

Destroying product is common practice in this industry, as crops are trimmed, buds fall on the ground, etc.

That was the job description of former CannTrust employee, Nick Lalonde. Before he quit in May, and tipped off Health Canada, his job title was “Master of Destruction.” That is, until his title was changed to the more formal, Destruction and Disposal Specialist.

His job required him to lay the product on the ground and then driving over it with a mulcher. He said he can destroy up to 800-1,000 plants in two hours.

It’s essential for CannTrust to destroy the cannabis as part of its remediation plan.

CannTrust has yet to give full details on how much product it will destroy exactly, but will reportedly do so once it’s actually complete.

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