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Why Is Vancouver Always Shown As A Different City in Movies? (Video)

Why Is Vancouver Always Shown As A Different City in Movies? (Video)

Vancouver’s architecture and culture uniqueness has a lot to offer and is a movie director’s dream location due to the simple fact of variety we provide.

In Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol for example, Vancouver was shown as Seattle, Eastern Europe, and India, with all locations within a 15 minute drive across the city.

With the emergence of Hollywood North, Vancouver has become the third biggest film production city in North America, right behind L.A. and New York. This begs the question, why does Vancouver never play itself in films? It seems as though every time there’s a major movie filmed in Vancouver, the city is always presented as foreign territory.

Tony Zhou, a Vancouver filmmaker and freelance editor who now lives in San Francisco, decided to investigate and address the question by creating a video called Vancouver Never Plays Itself. Within 24 hours of being uploaded to YouTube, the video has garnered over 159,000 views and highlights countless times Vancouver was transformed to deceive audiences across the world.


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