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Where To Find The Best Pizza Slice In Vancouver

The Best Pizza Slice In Vancouver

 We all get a craving for pizza at one time or another, but with so many pizza restaurants in Vancouver, it’s hard to know which are the best. Whether you want to have a sit down dinner, or grab a slice and go, these restaurants all have exactly what you’re looking for: pizza.

Best Pizza Slice In Vancouver

Nicli Antica Pizzeria is located at 62 East Cordova Street. They serve ten different varieties of pizza, all cooked in a wood fired oven. This restaurant is perfect for grabbing a few slices on some of the best pizza in town. Vancouver Magazine also voted Nicli Pizzeria the best pizzeria in 2012.


Uncle Fatih’s Pizza is located at 1685 East Broadway Street. They have a wide selection of specialty pizzas, including roasted eggplant, Greek, chorizo sausage, and many more. You can even create your own pizza. Stop by Uncle Faith’s cozy pizza shop and grab a slice today!


Via Tevere Pizzeria Napolenta is located at 1190 Victoria Drive. This restaurant strives to bring the pizza of Naples to Vancouver through their excellent cooking. All their pizzas are handmade and cooked in a wood fired oven.


Nat’s New York Pizzeria, located at 2684 West Broadway Street, serves some of the best pizza in Canada, according to Flare Magazine. They serve 20 different pizzas, or you can choose regular toppings such as pepperoni, ham, or mushrooms, or gourmet toppings such as chorizo sausage, chicken, or anchovies.


Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is located at 1380 Commercial Drive, and serves a wide selection of hand stretched pizzas. Famoso brings authentic Neapolitan pizza to Canada.


Megabite Pizza has locations all over the city. They serve a variety of pizzas, ranging from classic pepperoni to beef and blue cheese. Stop by any of their Vancouver locations for a couple slices of pizza and head to the closest beach or park to enjoy it.


Flying Wedge Pizza has locations in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, North Vancouver, South Surrey, and Vancouver. They serve a variety of pizzas to choose from. Flying Wedge is perfect for eating in or taking out.


Fresh Slice Pizza, located all around Vancouver, is great for ordering a couple slices of pizza to go. They have many different options to choose from. Fresh Slice is perfect for those who want to grab a slice of pizza and relax with their friends.




Written by: Anna Ward

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