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VPD To Replace Fleet With Dodge Chargers?

The Vancouver Police might just be getting a new fleet of Dodge Chargers to replace their infamous Crown Victorias that Ford has decided to discontinue.

If approved next week, this $5.9 million bill means that the VPD will be rolling around in slightly smaller Chargers instead. The city wanted a more environmentally efficient car for the VPD to use, however lets say a Prius just wouldn’t get the job done, in police standards of course.

The VPD require a powerful engine, and something that would be more efficient than the current Crown Victoria’s so the Charger appears to be the direction they are heading in.

Some differences include:

  • V6 engine on Charger vs V8 engine on the Crown Victoria
  • slight loss of space in the Charger
  • Charger is $4,400 cheaper to maintain annually
  • Charger reduces emissions by about 660 tonnes per year (32 percent)

Seems like the positives outweigh the slightly smaller engine and less space! We will know the decision for sure by next week.

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