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Is This Victoria Job Posting Too Honest?

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Is honesty the best policy? The City of Victoria thinks so. 

The City of Victoria is currently looking for someone to operate its new $105-million bridge, so naturally they put up a job posting for it.

However, when the posting noted “exposure to abusive people” under working conditions, people started raising their eyebrows.  

Victoria Job Posting

Posted on Jan. 3, the position of Bridge Operator includes overseeing the passage of marine traffic under the Johnson Street Bridge.

Key duties for the job include permitting the passage of marine traffic by raising and lowering the bridge, scheduling bridge lifts and cleaning as well as maintaining machinery rooms and other areas.

The position also requires one to work outside under all weather conditions and occasionally work from heights.

In this case, what you see is what you get.

Job seekers will know exactly what they’re getting into and maybe the posting will help the city find the right candidate.

It’ll be interesting to see who gets the job.

The city has yet to comment on this posting.

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