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Group Of Vicious Raccoons Ambush A Vancouver Woman And Her Dog


A woman and her tiny dog were walking in a Vancouver neighbourhood when a pack of vicious raccoons reportedly attacked them.

While it is more common for bears and other wildlife to confront humans, raccoons usually keep to themselves. In this case, it seems the animals were completely unprovoked when they ambushed the unsuspecting pair.

While they were able to get away, they suffered injuries. Willow Moffatt told Global News that she was walking with her dog Melody when the animals attacked her. She remarked that her tiny pet was able to get away after a couple of bites, but Moffat’s leg was brutally attacked.


She had to be rushed to emergency after the ordeal, where she was treated with antibiotics. She says she’s in extreme pain, and her leg is dressed in thick bandages. 

Viscous Raccoons

Residents say the raccoons in the neighbourhood are becoming extremely vicious. They want them to be moved from the area, and say they are a danger to both humans and animals.

The racoons have been involved in full standoffs with people, and show little to no fear. Some people won’t even go out late at night in fear of an attack.

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