Vancouver Gets Lots of Rain. That’s Why This Company Invented Waterproof Shoes.

Vessi Footwear

“We’re a few Vancouver natives who simply had it with [the] weather”, Vessi Footwear states on their website.

Without going into specifics, everybody from Vancouver who reads that will know that what they’re referring to is the rain. It comes with the territory. Literally.

“So we set-out to create a totally waterproof sneaker that not only kept your socks dry, but was breathable, comfortable, stylish and good for the earth”, they continue.

Fast-forward a year after founding the company in 2018, their waterproof shoes have, and are still currently, completely sold out.

Vessi Footwear

Vessi Footwear Shoes

Photos: Vessi Footwear / Collage: 604 Now

The company currently sports a line-up of three different shoes: The Cityscape, The Everyday, and The Everyday Slip-On, all available in various colours.

There are some unifying qualities to them all, however. Vessi emphasize that their shoes are made from eco-friendly materials and manufactured under eco-friendly conditions.

In addition, the shoes primarily consist of material “made up of a blend of yarn designed to stretch and contour to the shape of your feet”, allowing for maximum comfort.

And what makes them waterproof?

“Our nano-filtering layer is waterproof and moisture wicking. This layer has millions of tiny pores that are small enough to keep water molecules out but large enough to let moisture escape”, Vessi says.

If they’re as billed, then living in Vancouver’s climate might be getting better. That is, if you can get your feet on them.

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