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Happipad Uses Dating-App Processes To Help You Find An Affordable Rental


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Vancouver’s housing market is notoriously rough, as residents of the city can attest to. A Kelowna-based start-up, Happipad, hopes to help.

Happipad connects people in search of an affordable place to stay with those who have spare rooms to offer, and they do it through a process similar to that of dating services.


To begin, users identify themselves as either as a “Guest” or a “Host.”

From there, just like on services like Match.com or Plenty of Fish, you fill out your profile.

Personality type, character traits, lifestyle habits. The usual.

“This sets the stage for host and guest compatibility which makes living together so much more comfortable than the traditional landlord-tenant relationship”, Happipad says.

Then, you browse, whether by location, personality, or other result filters.

When you’ve found “the one”, you can then use the messaging service to get to know one another, schedule a coffee meet-up, and go from there.

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Happipad’s services don’t just stop there, however. After the two of you have agreed to get together, the company will help you handle the formalities, such as formulating a legal contract, deposits, payments, and more.

“After your stay is over, renew your contract, or reset and try another match. Happipad gives you the flexibility to rent how you want.”

One interesting trend the company has noticed is the popularity of pairings between seniors and students.

Seniors get some companionship and students get a hassle-free roommate, the thinking goes.

The company’s goal is make it a win-win for both parties.

At the moment, Happipad serves only Kelowna and Okanagan, but expansions to the rest of the province are expected by this September, with other provinces also in the works.

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