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Vegetarian For A Night at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant


Much to my dismay my boyfriend has become the picky eater in this relationship. Gone are the days of pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ platters, for my boyfriend has become a kind of-sort of-mostly vegetarian. For his birthday my sister got him a giftcard to the Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant on 12th avenue and Granville Street. The restaurant was voted “Best New Restaurant of 2013” by Enroute Magazine so it didn’t take too much convincing to get to me to go. Plus, after our binge at Hawkers Market, we needed some serious green stuff in our diet!

The restaurant itself is simply beautiful; it has white walls with simple, rustic décor. It was a very natural and bright setting, which was a reflection of the food as well. Further, all the staff who served us were super friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Our server genuinely seemed excited about the menu and to serve us. My boyfriend ordered a mojito made with white rum, seasonal ingredients and organic cane sugar. He said this was the best mojito he’s ever had – and let me tell you, he’s had a lot of mojitos. I ordered a green tea and it came in the cutest antique cup and saucer ever! I contemplated taking it home with me for 2 seconds. For dinner I ordered the gnocchi with beets in marinara sauce topped with grana padano and pine nuts. This was actually an appetizer so I ordered half size of the quinoa green salad. The gnocchi dish was very filling and very fresh. I liked how the pine nuts added a sort of crunch to the dish. I thought the beets were a random additive to this dish at first because they were covered in marinara sauce but the dish as a whole really worked! I liked how the beets added a nutritious element to this dish. The quinoa salad was the dish I probably enjoyed the most! This is due to the fact because it was so healthy, and substantial. This salad was mostly greens (large amounts of kale), topped with quinoa, avocado, and chickpeas. I just felt good after eating this! For his main, my boyfriend ordered the Thai curry as recommended by the waitress. The dish consisted of rice noodles in a coconut curry sauce, seared tofu, sautéed veggies, and crispy leeks. I did not try this dish but my boyfriend really enjoyed the flavours of the dish and was surprised at how filling it was!

Heirloom Vegetarian RestaurantHeirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

At this point we decided the dessert menu was too good to pass up so we each decided on a dessert and shared both. The first one we picked was the mocha cloud cake – a vegan form of cheese cake. This was served with rich dark chocolate. There really are no words to describe this cake. It was amazing and perfect and wonderful and all other positive adjectives. Go now and try this dessert! The other dessert we shared was the sticky date and molasses cake. After devouring the mocha cake, nothing could really compare. However, I still enjoyed this spice cake of sorts and the roasted pear was a lovely added touch!

Vegetarian for a Night at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Upon entering Heirloom, my boyfriend and I half expected to leave still hungry. That definitely was not the case. Heirloom offers healthy, filling, and elegant dishes. I did not feel like I over ate or was so full I couldn’t move. I left feeling like I did something good for my body. Not that I would ever in a million years become a vegetarian, or vegan for that matter, but maybe my boyfriend is onto something. I already plan on returning for brunch and cannot wait to try what Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant has to offer!


Written by: Micaela Monk

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