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Should Vancouver Get An All Female Taxi Service?

Female Taxi

While taking any from of public transportation can be dangerous, many women feel decidedly unsafe in taxis.

Not only do they often take them alone, but they often do so very late at night, when there aren’t many other cars on the road. In addition, many women are intoxicated when they opt to take a cab, putting them at risk of assault.

While male taxi drivers usually conduct themselves in a professional manner, there have been cases where they did not. In fact, multiple women have accused drivers of everything from verbal to physical misconduct.

Now, women across the North America are calling for women-only services in light of these incidents.

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The All Female Taxi Service

Just last week, Toronto launched a women-only ride-sharing service called DriveHer. Halifax also has its own version of the service.

Now, an all female taxi service is attempting to launch on Vancouver Island. Called Women on Wheels, the company originated in Sooke and plans to start on the West Shore area.

While the founders see a demand for women-drivers, they are experiencing some pushback from the local community. Founder Tammy Hogg spoke to CBC News about the experience.

“We’ve been called sexist. We’ve been called lesbians. We’ve already been told that we are discriminating,” she said. “We are just a bunch of girls who want to do something good for people.”

Do you think that Vancouver should get an all female taxi service or ride-share program? Do you think that this time of service is inherently sexist? Do you think that women are unsafe in taxis? 

Sound off in the comments below!


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