Vancouver Taxi Driver Refuses To Take Man To New Westminster (Video)

Vancouver Taxi Driver

A Vancouver taxi driver refused to take a man to New Westminster on Friday, December 8th, after he picked him up downtown late at night.

Kuldip Gill recorded the incident on his cellphone and posted it to his Facebook and Youtube accounts. In the video, the Yellow Cab driver insists that the ride is “too far” and thus the journey won’t be profitable for him.

After the driver tells Gill he cannot take him home, the pair circle the area and the driver even tries to pick up another client. In addition, the driver calls Gill drunk, and insists that he’s being threatened.

Vancouver Taxi Driver

Global News spoke to the Yellow Cab general manager Carolyn Bauer regarding the incident. She called the driver’s behaviour “absolutely disgusting, not acceptable, not company policy.”

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Following the incident the driver was suspended and faces discipline “up to and including termination.”

Indeed, this incident calls into question the sheer monopoly that the taxi industry has in Vancouver. While most other major cities have Uber or other “private driver” companies, Vancouver has yet to take the plunge. In addition, the NDP made promises to instate alternative companies prior to the election, but have yet to move ahead with any ride-hailing services in BC.

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