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Despite Restrictions, Vancouver Recorded The Worst Traffic in Canada in 2020

Granville Street Bridge Vancouver traffic

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The Annual TomTom Traffic Index has been released, and it ranks urban congestion across the world. Vancouver traffic made the list once again, standing out as the Canadian leader. In fact, it is the only city in Canada that even breaks the top 100!

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For 2020, Vancouver was ranked at #52. To put this into perspective, London ranked #49 and Hong Kong came in at #57.

Matter of fact, when looking at just North America, we are apparently the second worst, in between Mexico City (#49) and Los Angeles (#85).

TomTom reviews details on traffic congestion in 416 cities across 57 countries, and has been doing so for 10 years. It looks at several factors to create its ranking including:

  • Real traffic data
  • Road changes
  • Length of time of trips
  • And more

While the report does detail some major changes due to the pandemic (less commuting overall), Vancouver still managed to retain its spot from the previous year.

However, it does appear that Vancouver’s overall congestion did drop 9% from last year…but then again, so did a lot of other cities.

Will We Do Better in 2021?

The main question here is what will Vancouver traffic look like this year? Do you think we will see more of a shift and less congestion? Will more people take public transit?

Let us know what your predictions in the comments below.


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