Vancouver Starbucks May Serve Beer And Wine In The Evenings

Vancouver Starbucks May Serve Beer And Wine In The Evenings

In an effort to boost evening sales, Starbucks has launched a new menu called ‘Starbucks Evenings‘.

The menu, which becomes available at 4:00pm everyday, consists of appetizer items such as chicken skewers, flatbreads, and surprisingly, a small selection of beer and wine. It had already been launched in 30 cities across the United States, and in a recent announcement, Starbucks revealed it was preparing to expand their evening menu to 20,000 new locations.

“We’ve tested it long enough in enough markets. This is a program that works,” Chief Operating Officer Troy Alstead told “As we bring the evening program to stores, there’s a meaningful increase in sales during that time of the day.”

If the program expands to Vancouver, which we’re sure it will eventually, this will make things really interesting. Vancouverites have schedules built around getting their cup of coffee from Starbucks. Now those who walk into the shop in the evenings after work will likely be more tempted to stay and relax a bit considering you can’t take alcohol to go. This will be unfortunate for those who visit Starbucks to study or have business meetings considering the semi bar like atmosphere likely won’t make it a quiet location.

What are your thoughts on Starbucks serving alcohol in the evenings?

photo credit: Polarismr

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  • Maya

    i think this will be tragic as Im a student and I love spending my evenings writing papers at the nearest Starbucks, and it’s already tough to focus when you have people laughing at the top of their lungs as well as inconsiderate people who love taking up 3 chairs to hold their purses and bags on. I feel like the Starbucks franchise will lose a lot of their students around the evenings, however, gain most of them in the early hours of the day. So i guess it’s a win-win situation for them! As for us students that try but cannot seem to focus in the comfort of your own home, it will be a tough adjustment for us!

  • DontBeStupid

    You are not their demographic.

  • Charles

    What a disaster! You won’t be able to buy a child’s size hot chocolate and occupy a seat for 10 hours while other paying customers stand idly by? This is a sad day for students.

  • Marek

    More room at the tables for other patrons now that all the paperwork, textbooks, and laptops are cleared from the surfaces.

  • RR

    I think you need to look up the meaning of ‘tragic’ in the dictionary.

  • Comment made my day.

  • Syd

    I work at Starbucks and if this happens I’m quitting. Starbucks is for coffee. It is not a restaurant or a bar.

  • woa

    go to the library if you want a quiet environment to update your livejournal

  • Neil

    Great news. Last year I stopped into a Starbucks in Portland and was able to grab a glass of a great Oregon pinot noir while my wife grabbed a latte. It was a wonderful option and could be a great way to support and showcase local BC wineries. Moreover, it’s a great way of helping British Columbia move towards responsible a wine culture, more in-line with most of Europe, where a glass of wine can be consumed socially (in moderation) as part of regular life.

  • DKazzed

    Excellent news. I would love to enjoy a glass of beer or wine while reading a book.