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Vancouver Receives International Love For Homeless Benches

Vancouver Receives International Love For Homeless Benches

Last fall, a local PR campaign placed innovative benches around the 604 in an effort to promote a local housing company, but was quickly marked off as an unsuccessful project.

Fast forward to today, pictures of the benches have gone viral around the world and are bringing in a lot of positive attention to Vancouver.

Spring Advertising, a local company in Vancouver, designed the campaign and placed seven custom transit benches across Vancouver and Burnaby. The benches were designed to easily maneuver into temporary shelter for the homeless by simply flipping the roof up. All seven benches displayed the message “find shelter here”. The benches were installed for two months, and received very little attention.

Vancouver Receives International Love For Homeless Benches

This past week, major news outlets overseas such as the Independent and the Telegraph, published stories and idea behind the benches that has generated overwhelming global attention for our city. The stories highlight the campaign and call Britain out for doing the opposite.

Unfortunately, the benches are no longer installed and according to the company that was in charge of the campaign, Raincity Housing, there are no plans to place the benches back as the company has other priorities.


[Images via the Independant]

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