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Vancouver and Burnaby Are Among The Rattiest Cities In B.C.

Rattiest Cities In British Columbia

Winter is slowly approaching and the rainy weather is pushing hairy rodents indoors to look for a warm spot to live.

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According to Orkin Canada, a pest control company, Vancouver is the rattiest cities in B.C. Victoria (#2) and Burnaby (#3) help round out the top three cities.

Vancouver is a seaport city and water attracts rodents to the city’s streets by the masses.


Tips To Deal With Rodents In The Winter

Just as we prefer to stay indoors for warmth, rodents are also looking to escape the cold conditions outside.

Some things you can do to keep them outdoors include:

  • Check all of the seals around your window frames and external doors
  • Fix any loose mortar around the foundation of your building
  • Fill any holes
  • Check openings formed around pipes that enter the home
  • Loose debris should be swept away and your house should be kept clean


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