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Vancouver May Be Getting A Pablo Cheese Tart Shop In The Near Future

Pablo Cheese Tart

Photo: Pablo Cheese Tart Canada/Instagram

Now that we’ve got an Uncle Tetsu we’re waiting on Pablo Cheese Tart to make the next move. Pablo is famous for their Japanese-style cheese tarts and opened their first Canadian location in Toronto last year.

But it seems as though a potential location may be popping up in Vancouver, and soon.



Pablo took to Instagram to mention some new locations are in the works and when one user asked when one is coming to Vancouver—they responded with “very soon” and a winking emoji. It seems pretty clear they definitely have their eyes set on Vancouver and are looking to bring the popular cheese tarts here in the near future.

Pablo is best known for their freshly baked cheese tarts that come in a variety of flavours (Original, Chocolate and Matcha. They also have coffee, smoothies and other popular dessert items, including shaved ice sundaes and cheese soft-serve.

For more desserts, find out where you can get Japanese cheesecake in Metro Vancouver, or try this epic 15-layer Matcha crepe cake.


Pablo Cheese Tart

Location: Follow them on Instagram to see when they’ll be coming to Vancouver


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