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Vancouver Company Sells Marijuana Advent Calendar For Merrier Holidays

Marijuana Advent Calendar

Photo: Coast to Coast Medicinals

Advent calendars a festive hit with virtually any age group. Whether you love wine, chocolate, lego or makeup, there’s something for you.

Now, a Vancouver-based dispensary is selling something for the cannabis connoisseur in your life: a marijuana calendar.

Coast to Coast Medicinals is offerings a calendar that is stocked with an array of marijuana edibles as well as dried buds. Ranging from $200 – $230, they are not as cheap as the chocolate calendars, but are less expensive than many of the wine and champagne offerings.

There are three options to choose from. The first is filled with dried marijuana, the second edibles, and the third combines the two.

In total, there will be a gram’s worth of bud for each day leading up until Christmas. On Christmas itself the advent owner gets to enjoy a full three grams.

Marijuana Advent Calendar Has Mass Appeal

CTV News spoke to Lorilee Fedler, the online store’s founder, who told them that, “We’ve seen our age group, to the elderly. Old ladies have called in to ask to buy for their daughters, their kids and their grandkids,”

She adds that the company already has over 100 orders for the festive product.

Looking for some fun things to do to get in the holiday spirit? Don’t miss the upcoming Italian Christmas Night Market on November 25th and be sure to check out the Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge throughout the holidays!

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