These Vancouver Landlords Are Offering Discounts, Free Parking and Groceries

vancouver landlords

Discussions about rental properties usually are focused around cost and location. However, it now seems there are perks for renting, as many Vancouver landlords are offering promotions and deals offered prospective tenants.

This is one of the many things that have changed during the pandemic. Since there are fewer and fewer people renting in larger cities, Vancouver landlords are seeing a shift. As such, they are adding more to the offerings to attract more potential renters.

How is that for a change—in rent?

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Why Are Vancouver Landlords Offering Perks?

Due to the pandemic, Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas are seeing higher than normal vacancy rates.

Couple that with decreased immigrations, short-term rentals, and residents moving to smaller/remote communities (more space for less money), people moving in with their families, students no longer returning to campuses, etc.

All of these reasons are why Vancouver landlords are seeing less people wanting to rent locally. So, they are adding to the benefits of living in Vancouver.

Incentives Includes:

  • one or two month’s free rent
  • free parking
  • $200 grocery card

Current Available Listings, and all have examples of incentives with rental listings in Vancouver.


With Vancouver’s current red-hot housing market, it may not be so bad to rent instead.


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