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Soar Through The Sky On Vancouver Island’s Longest Zipline This Summer

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Photo: @mountwashington / Instagram

Mount Washington Alpine Resort is open for this summer with Vancouver Island’s longest zipline.

The resort’s new Eagles Flight ZipTour spans 2,313 metres, where it descends over 415 metres. Each rider reaches a speed of up to 100 km an hour, almost instantly after they step off the platform.

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Unfold your wings and soar through the treetops on Mt. Washington’s newest adventure,” reads the website. “Enjoy the rush of freedom as you fly down the face of the mountain reaching speeds up to 100 kph.”



The ZipTour is a four-stage course that begins with a chairlift ride to the top of Mount Washington and finishes back at the resort’s Alpine Lodge. 

Guests can control their speed of dissent, so you can choose the thrills of speeding over the landscape or slow down to take in the Alpine to ocean views.

The tour starts with training sessions at a practice zipline before taking a chairlift ride and then walking to each of the four stages.

Ticket prices vary by age group, ranging from $99 – $129.

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