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Vancouver is Getting a Smoothie Vending Machine Soon

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Photo: hannah ingelsten / Flickr

If you’re from Vancouver, you’ll be excited to know your smoothie run is about to get a lot easier.

That’s because our city is getting its first smoothie vending machine, thanks to Trendy Vending Inc.

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The company is launching the machine this February at a pop-up location at Parker Street Studios. 

The new machine will have several options on hand, with mixes including plant-based protein, vegetables and superfoods on the way.

Nothing is pre-mixed, but once you order your smoothie, it’ll be ready in less than a minute.

The menu will have six flavours, featuring 100% real fruit, along with water, ice and Stevia for sweetening.

Flavours include Mango Tango, Passion Peach, Pineapple Glory, Cool Banana and Tropical Berry.

Each smoothie is 16 ounces and will cost $6. Get there first on Tuesday, February 25 at 1000 Parker Street. So will you get your next great smoothie from this Vancouver vending machine?

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