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10 Little-Known Facts About Vancouver You Probably Don’t Know

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Vancouver might not have as much history as places that have been around much longer, but there’s still a lot that people don’t know.

Just how much do you think you know about your city? Here are some lesser-known facts about Vancouver that just might surprise you.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vancouver

Botox was invented here

This may come as a surprise because you’d think botox would have derived from Los Angeles. But a Vancouver couple came up with the cosmetic procedure in the late 1980s. Ophthalmologist Jean Carruthers and her Dermatologist husband Alastair Carruthers are actually behind it.

Stanley Park is larger than Central Park


Everyone raves about New York City’s iconic Central Park but Vancouver’s very own Stanley Park is about 10 per cent bigger.

Greenpeace founded here

The wildly popular organization and movement Greenpeace was established in Vancouver back in 1971. They’re best known for their international environmental campaigns. A group of volunteers originally met in Luna Cafe, which turned into Smart Mouth Cafe in Gastown (now closed).

Home of the California Roll


Another surprising origin story. Despite its name, the classic sushi roll was reportedly created in Vancouver by Chef Hidekazu Tojo in the 1970s. Tojo’s Restaurant is at 1133 West Broadway Street.

The squirrels were foreign gifts

Walking through Stanley Park—you will likely come across the little critters. But you may not know all of the grey squirrels in the park today are the offspring of the eight pairs originally given as a gift in 1909 from noneother than New York City.

Grouse Mountain’s one-of-a-kind windmill


The “Eye Of The Wind” is the iconic windmill standing on top of Grouse. It’s actually the only working wind turbine in the world with a viewing platform.

One of the largest cruise ship terminals

You definitely see a lot of cruise ships coming in and out of the harbour, but you may be surprised it’s the four largest terminal in the world. Of course, most of the ships departing here are headed for Alaska. Due to certain issues however, we might get another port in the near future.

The longest pool in Canada

The longest pool in Canada belongs to Vancouver’s Kits pool. The lanes are 137-metres which is three times the length of an Olympic pool. It also has a reputation as one of the longest salt water pools in North America.

Lifeguard Joe Fortes

The inspiration behind the popular seafood restaurant was a prominent figure in Vancouver. Born in 1863, Joe Fortes was a lifeguard at English Bay. His funeral was one of the most heavily attended at the time, in 1922.

Grouse was almost Mt. Vancouver


The name Grouse Mountain was almost changed. There was a proposal to change it to Mt. Vancouver, which is evident today with their slogan: “The Peak of Vancouver”.

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