Metro Vancouver Gas Prices Broke North American Record On Sunday

Vancouver Gas Prices

On Friday, Metro Vancouver gas prices hit another all-time high.

While this was an all-time high for gas stations in the region, it was also a new record for North American gas prices.

On Sunday, prices shot up even higher. Local gas pumps saw a new record of 170.9 cents a litre, which was spotted at the Petro-Canada in White Rock.

The sharp increase in gas prices can be partially attributed to a price hike for the provincial carbon tax that took effect April 1st.

As a result, the carbon tax price hike adds 1.14 cents a litre increase for British Columbians when they fill up their vehicles. What this means is that the carbon tax is increasing from $35 per tonne of Co2 to $40 per tonne. In 2018, the first of four annual carbon tax increases took place.

Vancouver Gas Prices

Unfortunately, there’s more bad news for drivers at the pump.

In a couple of weeks, gas stations will be switching over to summer-blend gasoline. This type of gasoline is approximately five cents a litre higher than the gasoline used during the winter months.

It’s going to be a painful summer season.

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