Vancouver Driver Fined $368 After Being Caught Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

While it may have seemed like a freak occurrence, yet another Metro Vancouver driver was pulled over by RCMP for playing Pokemon Go.

Vancouver police tweeted about the incident on Monday, November 14th, when two officers caught a driver playing the game while behind the wheel.

In the tweet they mention that, “While playing #PokemonGo may be fun, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others so that you can play while driving!”

The offender was fined a staggering $368 fine for the offence.

Pokemon Go And More: Distracted Driving Is “High Risk”

The government has responded to the influx in distracted driving tickets by proposing a new penalty for drivers caught twice within a three year period.

Now, distracted driving will be coined “high risk,” and a double offence will slap offenders with a $2000 fine.

Other offences included in the “high risk” category include eating while driving, driving with both earbuds in and talking on a cell phone.

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  • Mickey Moos-illini

    Add to this the number of moron drivers who won’t enter an intersection to turn left after the flashing green arrow turns off and you’re supposed to use common sense as to turn left when no cars are oncoming! These imbeciles who can speed fast in a straight line but can’t stay off their phones and move when a light turns green are the ones that should be removed from our roads! They also don’t understand the ‘stay right unless to pass’ concept for highway driving!