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Vancouver Driver Fined $368 After Being Caught Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

While it may have seemed like a freak occurrence, yet another Metro Vancouver driver was pulled over by RCMP for playing Pokemon Go.

Vancouver police tweeted about the incident on Monday, November 14th, when two officers caught a driver playing the game while behind the wheel.

In the tweet they mention that, “While playing #PokemonGo may be fun, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others so that you can play while driving!”

The offender was fined a staggering $368 fine for the offence.

Pokemon Go And More: Distracted Driving Is “High Risk”

The government has responded to the influx in distracted driving tickets by proposing a new penalty for drivers caught twice within a three year period.

Now, distracted driving will be coined “high risk,” and a double offence will slap offenders with a $2000 fine.

Other offences included in the “high risk” category include eating while driving, driving with both earbuds in and talking on a cell phone.

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