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Burnaby Driver Dinged $368 For Playing Pokemon Go In Traffic

Pokemon Go

No matter how many times the RCMP warn drivers, someone always thinks they can get away with something behind the wheel.

One driver felt the need to “catch em all” was stronger than obeying the law while driving through Burnaby on September 25th.

The driver was pulled over by Burnaby RCMP when they spotted him fiddling with his mobile while in traffic.

While there is no specific fine for playing Pokemon Go, the driver was dinged a whopping $368 for using an electronic device while driving.

Distracted Driving: Pokemon Go And More

Distracted drivers have been in the media a great deal lately, with everything from eating while driving  to a woman pumping her breast milk while behind the wheel.

RCMP report that more accidents are caused by distracted drivers than drunk drivers. They advise drivers to stay alert behind the wheel and look up regulations for using electronic devices when you are driving.

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