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Vancouver Cop Found Guilty In Cyclist Assault (Video)

Vancouver Cop Found Guilty In Cyclist Assault (Video)

Vancouver police officer, Ismail Bhabha, has been found guilty of assaulting a cyclist during an arrest in March 2013.

Upon the arrest, a video surfaced online which showed Bhabha handcuffing a cyclist after he allegedly rode through a red light without a helmet in Yaletown. During the arrest, Bhabha is seen punching the cyclist in the face for no apparent reason, and later claimed the cyclist was being confrontational, as well as resisting arrest.

During the trial, the cyclist testified he never resisted arrest, and only moved his arms when the officer twisted them behind his back. He also stated he did not recall running any red lights.

The video went viral and led to the West Vancouver Police conducting an independent investigation, in which they recommended Bhabha be charged with assault.

Const. Ismail Bhabha, who pleaded not guilty, was found guilty, a judge announced on Tuesday. The officer will remain serving his current patrol officer position, until he is sentenced in November, 2015.

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