Metro Vancouver On Alert For Significant Flooding From ‘King Tide’ Tomorrow

King Tide

While the sun is shining today, meteorologists are warning that Metro Vancouver could get hit with fairly serious flooding in the coming days.

Set to begin on December 5th, a phenomenon known as the ‘king tide’ is expected to hit the lower mainland. When this occurs, low-lying coastal areas in Vancouver, such as Locarno Beach, Kitsilano Pool, and the Stanley Park Seawall, will be hardest hit.

Many areas in Delta will be on high alert, as a state of emergency was declared back in 2014 during a king tide.

What is a King Tide?

“King Tides occur when the sun and moon’s gravitational forces reinforce each other, in periods when the moon is closest to the Earth. They occur twice a year, but tend to be more pronounced during winter months,” reports Global News.

While these effects are a yearly occurrence, the waves can reach up to five meters in height, while regular waves are about one metre.

The king tide will take place over the course of four days, commencing on Tuesday, December 5th.

While the news of the floods is alarming, scientists predict that a great deal of Metro Vancouver will be underwater in our lifetime.

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