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This Magical Valley In BC Has The Warmest Temperature In Canada

Warmest Temperature

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British Columbia has some of the most beautiful geography in the country. From soaring mountain tops capped in ivory white snow, to endless sunsets glistening on the open ocean, the province provides some breathtaking views.

What’s more, BC is home to some of the nation’s natural anomalies. For example, Vancouver Island has the highest concentration in North America. Complete with hidden waterfalls, ancient fossils, crystalline formations and so much more, these caverns transport you into another world.

Of course, one of the most fascinating caves to discover is known as the ‘smiling buddha room.’ It doesn’t take a great deal of creativity to spot the image of buddha sitting serenely above a reflecting pool.

“The Cowichan Valley takes its name from an Aboriginal word meaning “the warm land” – fitting, as the valley enjoys Canada’s warmest mean temperature,” reports Hello BC.

Due to its warm climate, the valley is ideal for growing grapes other fruits and vegetables. As such, it has a litany of beautiful, renowned vineyards.

Furthermore, foodies will enjoy the bevy of award-winning restaurants, as well as the annual oyster festival.



Warmest Temperature in Canada

In addition, the Kinsol Trestle bridge is located in the region. As the world’s tallest timber trestle, it positively stuns with awe-inspiring height and a spell-binding latticework design.

The soaring structure crosses the rushing Koksilah River in the Cowichan Valley. In addition, the bridge provides an overpass for cyclists, equestrians and hikers to cross the water and continue the Cowichan Valley Trail route.




There many magical places to discover on Vancouver Island. A couple include: a rope swing at the end of a hike on Vancouver Island and a triple tumbling waterfall.


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