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Unaffordable Permits Cancel 2015 Vancouver Bike Rave

Vancouver Bike Rave 2015 cancelled

Vancouver’s crackdown on unsanctioned events have turned the lights off for the 2015 Vancouver Bike Rave.

The annual event sees thousands of locals sporting neon glow sticks to ride along the Vancouver seawall to electronic beats which turns out to be a colorful display like no other.

Unfortunately, due to unaffordable city permit fees, event organizer Cranked Cycling, has chosen to cancel the event.

“After years of steady growth and amazing support from all wakes of bike-loving life in Vancouver, the official Bike Rave has grown to a size that can no longer simply exist under the radar as it has been” event organizer Willis wrote on Facebook.

While he admits that the VPD have been supportive towards the bike rave in past years, there have been hundreds of noise complaints, and open alcohol incidents which has led to the police to force the event to go through the permit process this year.

By sending police, costs reportedly add up to $5,000 for ‘overtime policing’. To cover the costs, the Vancouver Bike Rave would have to charge fees for registration, which is not a route the underground event want to take.

“I wish that citizens assuming their own responsibility and risk, and simply not needing police was an option, but at 7000 people last year, it’s not. The city feels a responsibility at that size to be present, and thus wants proper registration and fees, or will be looking to hold somebody responsible and fine. I am not willing to be that person”

This isn’t a targeted move by the VPD however. Earlier this year, the police department announced it would force all organizers of unsanctioned events to recoup policing costs. The announcement came following an incident of a young man falling to his death at an unsanctioned rave in Stanley Park.

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