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New UBC Campaign Calls For SkyTrain Extension To Vancouver Campus

SkyTrain extension

Photo: University of British Columbia / Facebook

The University of British Columbia has launched an online campaign that supports a SkyTrain extension to the Vancouver campus.

UBC is trying to convince the municipal, provincial and federal government to fund an extension of the Millennium Line from Arbutus Street to UBC’s Point Grey campus.

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“Metro Vancouver is a thriving region set to grow by one million people and more than 500,000 jobs in the next 25 years” reads their website.

The campaign highlights that a SkyTrain connection to UBC is crucial as it will:

  • link the region’s education, employment, research, innovation and health centres;
  • improve access to affordable housing by opening housing options across the entire length of the line;
  • increase sustainable transit usage along the entire length of the Broadway corridor, reducing congestion, GHG emissions and air contaminants while improving personal health and wellbeing; and,
  • enable people in communities across Metro Vancouver to engage with the educational, research, cultural and employment opportunities at one of Canada’s leading universities.


SkyTrain Extension To UBC

The currently-funded Broadway Subway project will extend the Millennium Line SkyTrain to Arbutus Street, adding six underground stations along a 5.7-kilometre tunnelled route.

Photo: UBC

“Travellers headed to UBC will have to transfer to B-Line buses, which will follow the current route of the 99 B-Line through Point Grey to campus” continues their website.

Extending the SkyTrain to UBC will “eliminate this inefficient and inconvenient transfer to the B-Line buses at Arbutus”.

Technical analyses reveal that these buses will be at their practical capacity on opening day, carrying similar peak volumes as today’s 99 B-Line at Commercial-Broadway.

Photo: UBC

The campaign also highlights that by introducing the underground SkyTrain network, “businesses and residents along the Broadway corridor will benefit from less noise and congestion”.

UBC would like to have two stations on campus: “one to serve the heart of the academic campus and one to serve the growing residential community on campus”.


Financial Support From UBC

Metro Vancouver transit projects are typically cost-shared between three levels of government (regional, provincial and federal) and UBC is exploring ways it can make a financial contribution to the project.

UBC’s contribution may take many forms, including:

  • Providing land for stations as York University recently did for the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Expansion
  • Charges collected from developers as the City of Richmond is doing for the new Canada Line Capstan Way station
  • A direct financial contribution from new revenues enabled by rapid transit as YVR did to support the Canada Line

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