Prime Minister Trudeau Holds First Press Conference Since Re-Election

Justin Trudeau Election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the media for the first time Wednesday, following his federal election victory Monday night.

During the press conference in Ottawa, Trudeau answered questions and discussed priorities for the next four years, several of which he also discussed prior to the election.

The Liberal Party Leader made several promises during the campaign and discussed several hot-button topics.

Tax Breaks

Trudeau mentioned the first priority is to create a tax cut. During his campaign, he promised to raise the basic tax-free amount from $12,069 to $15,000 by 2023.

According to the Liberals’ website, the middle class tax cut would mean that about 700,000 Canadians will pay no taxes at all and lift 40,000 Canadians out of poverty.

It also states the tax cut will “benefit only the middle class and those working hard to join it, not the richest one percent.”

Climate Change

Climate Change is still high on the agenda, as Trudeau said it is one of the issues, “Canadians have clearly said they care about.”

While he intends to push the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion through, Trudeau said income from this will benefit a green energy plan.


Another big topic of discussion was reconciliation. Trudeau said he will continue working with indigenous leaders to tackle big issues, such as:

  • Getting clean water into many indigenous communities
  • Providing compensation for indigenous people
  • Looking at the high rate of incarceration among indigenous people in Canada

Cabinet Gender Equality

Trudeau said there will be a gender balance among cabinet members, when they are sworn in November 20.

A Coalition Government

Despite previous talk of a coalition, Trudeau ruled it out during the Ottawa meeting.

“I intend to sit down with all party leaders in the coming weeks to talk about their priorities and how to work together,” Trudeau said. “It is not in our plans at all to form any sort of coalition formal or informal.”

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