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Translink Reveals Patullo Bridge Replacement Options

The 75-year-old Patullo Bridge, is one of the oldest in the Lower Mainland and desperately needs some attention as it is feared that the bridge wouldn’t withstand a moderate earthquake or ship collision. If you’ve driven across the bridge, you’ll also notice how narrow it is, and how semi-trucks take up more then one lane.

About 75,000 vehicles cross this bridge everyday, and with such a heavy load of traffic, it’s important this New Westminster and Surrey connecter is in tip top shape.

Here are some of the options towards the issue:

  • Remove the bridge.
  • Rehabilitate the bridge for bikes and pedestrians only.
  • Rehabilitate it as a two-, three- or four-lane bridge.
  • Replacing it with a two-, four- or eight-lane bridge.
  • Replacing it with a four-lane tunnel.
  • Building a new crossing up to six-lanes, upriver at Sapperton Bar.
  • Building a new four-lane bridge downriver at Tree Island


Translink is looking for whichever option is most cost efficient and one that meets long term demands. People like you can also attend six open houses and four small group meetings in order to submit your feedback until the end of June.

Which option do you think would be best for the Patullo bridge? We personally believe replacing it with a two-, four- or eight-lane bridge would be best.

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