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TransLink Drivers Aren’t Paying For Traffic Tickets

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We’ve probably all seen this happen, someone runs a red light and all of a sudden you see the intersections camera flash as a picture is taken of the scene and of the vehicle and license plate that is driving.

The regular punishment for running a red light is a $167 fine. However, it’s been noticed that hundreds of tickets issued to TransLink since 2008 have not been payed.

In the past two years, TransLink has received 234 tickets for their bus drivers running red lights, in which absolutely no drivers have paid their fine! Back in 2008, the transportation authority’s lawyers had appealed a traffic ticket, and have made it so bus drivers may simply be given a written warning and a day of training instead of paying the fine like everybody else.

TransLink claims that it’s not about the money, that their drivers receive the warning and training measures to teach their drivers about public safety and the serious dangers that running a red light can impose.

In November, a 10 year-old boy was hit with a bus after the bus had run a red light. Police are also investigating the death of a woman who was believed to be hit by a bus in September after the bus had run a red light.

Bus drivers do pay traffic tickets if they are personally pulled over and given a ticket, but have yet to pay for their dangerous red light running actions.

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