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Translink Apologizes For Skytrain Shutdown; Will Not Compensate Affected Users

Vancouver Skytrain Stations

In a press conference held earlier this morning, TransLink CEO Doug Allen confirmed a faulty motor on a single train caused the 2.5 hour SkyTrain shutdown yesterday that ultimately left thousands of passengers stranded.

According to Allen, 15 of the 19 trained were attended to within 20 minutes, but the remaining four were left for too long, something “that’s not good enough” he told reporters. He went on to say that more help is required during shutdowns, and that TransLink plans to hire 16 more staff members by August.

In the most recent SkyTrain shutdown on May 22, the meltdown lasted 6 hours and eventually resulted in Translink offering free transit for the remainder of the day, as well as offering to compensate all riders affected.

This time however, riders will not be reimbursed.

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