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Richmond Is Getting Canada’s First-Ever Esports Gaming Stadium

The Gaming Stadium

Gamers rejoice!

The City of Richmond will soon be the site of Canada’s first-ever Esports gaming stadium. Simply called “The Gaming Stadium,” it will provide an oasis for gamers throughout Metro Vancouver.

Open to players of all ages and skill levels, people may watch as well as participate in tournaments year-round. Specifically, they offer a place to hone skills with your friends, as well as play against the best the city has to offer. In addition, visitors can get additional coaching to “level up.”

“The goal for us is to cultivate the next generation of great gamers,” reads the stadium’s ambitious origin story.

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The Gaming Stadium

“Today is an exciting day for me and the entire team at The Gaming Stadium. We have been working hard to get this off the ground,” said CEO Dan Cybak.

“Our team is made up of people who have been organizing and participating in tournaments in this city for years. We have built a group that covers all aspects of esports. This facility is truly built by gamers for gamers.”

It will feature a large main gaming stage as well as seating for up to 250 spectators. In addition, there will be a gaming area with over 40 set-ups, a casual area where players can drop in, a full broadcast facility and a variety of food and beverage offerings.

Will the exact date is unknown, Myesports Ventures Ltd. plans to open the stadium in 2019.


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